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Monthly Archives: January 2012

EXTREMIDADES LEGALES – ¿Cuál es una visa de “H”?

Desafortunadamente, los Estados Unidos no tienen una sola “visa del trabajo” buena para todos los trabajos. En lugar, el permiso del trabajo se relaciona con el tipo de trabajo de ser llenado y las calificaciones del empleado potencial. La mayoría de los trabajadores que vienen a los Estados Unidos se caerán debajo de uno de… Read More »

LEGAL TIPS – What is an “H” Visa?

Unfortunately, the United States does not have a single “work visa” good for all jobs.  Instead, work permission is related to the type of job to be filled and the qualifications of the potential employee.  Most workers coming to the United States will fall under one of two types of visas:  the H visa and… Read More »

The New ICE Detainer Form

Many deportation cases start with an arrest for other offenses.  Even if the offense is minor (such as driving without a license), a person may find himself kept in custody because of something called an “ICE hold”.  A person receives an “ICE hold” when ICE sends the local jail a form called an “immigration detainer.” … Read More »

Five Myths of Immigration Law

Immigration law is a unique field. It is hard to imagine anything more important to a client’s life and future than the basic decision of whether he can or cannot remain in the United States. Yet, more than most other fields of law, immigration law is dominated by a number of myths. These myths are… Read More »

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