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Author Archives: Stanley Walker

Featured Country of the Month (September 2011): Republic of the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is made up of more than 7,000 islands. With more than 100 million people, the Philippines ranks 12th in the world in population. Nearly half of its people live in urban areas, and the capital of Manila is home to more than 11 million Filipinos. Its… Read More »

Alabama’s Anti-Immigration Law: Where Do We Stand?

The future of Alabama’s anti-immigration law is becoming more clear – and the results aren’t good. On September 28, 2011, Judge Sharon Blackburn issued her latest ruling concerning the fate of House Bill 56. While Judge Blackburn put certain parts of the law on hold for now, other parts will be allowed to take effect…. Read More »

Immigration Reform: Fact or Fiction? Part 1 of 2

Five years ago, if you had asked when we would finally see Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), the answer would have been “any moment now.” Today, however, no one knows, but it will probably not happen anytime soon. Unfortunately, CIR is not a very popular political issue right now. In fact, most Americans seem adamantly opposed… Read More »

Reforma Inmigratoria: Verdad ó Ficción – Pt. 1

Hace cinco años, si hubieran preguntado que cuando finalmente veríamos una Comprensiva Reforma Inmigratoria (CIR), la respuesta hubiese sido “en cualquier momento.” Hoy en día, nadie sabe, pero no es probable que pase en ningún tiempo cercano. Desafortunadamente, CIR no es un tema político muy popular en estos tiempos. Es mas, los americanos se ven… Read More »

Immigrants, Legal or Otherwise, Fuel Our Economy

Last year, the battle over immigration reform heated up in Washington and across the na-tion. For 2007, it appears that we have a chance for significant immigration reform which has been long overdue. Apparently, most of the people opposed to revising our current immigration laws believe that illegal immigrants place a strain on state and… Read More »

The J-Visa

As many of our readers know, there is no one general “work” visa for the United States. Requirements for each type of employment visa are different, depending on the nature and needs of the employer and the skills of the prospective employee. Last month’s article addressed “H” visas for temporary workers. Today’s column addresses “J”… Read More »

Immigration Reform: Fact or Fiction – Part 2

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) died a slow and painful death in the summer of 2007. Backed by President Bush, the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 never made it out of the Senate. Despite support from both political parties, the bill did not survive, and the hopes and prayers of millions… Read More »

Reforma Inmigratoria: Verdad ó Ficción – Pt 2

La Comprensiva Reforma Inmigratoria (CIR) tuvo una muerte lenta y dolorosa durante el verano del 2007. A pesar de estar respaldada por el Presidente Bush, Fronteras Seguras, Oportunidad Económica y El Acta de Reforma Inmigratoria del 2007 nunca pudo salir del Senado. Aunque tenia apoyo de parte de los dos partidos, la enmienda no sobrevivió… Read More »

La Ejecución de la “Nueva” Póliza de Obama: Rumor o Realidad

Ni si quiera eran las doce del mediodía el 18 de agosto cuando comenzó a sonar el teléfono, las personas llamaban para saber como se podían entregar al departamento de ICE para poder conseguir su permiso de trabajo. Cuando al fin logramos obtener mejor información sobre la nueva póliza de deportación por parte de la… Read More »

The “New” Obama Enforcement Policy: Rumor and Reality

It was not yet noon on August 18 when our phone began ringing with people wanting to know how to “turn themselves in” to ICE in order to get a work permit. By the time we got good information later that day on the Obama Administration’s new enforcement policy, the rumor mill was already running…. Read More »

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