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Category Archives: Appearances & Publications

Paying Taxes Regardless of Immigration Status

If you earn money in the United States, you usually must pay taxes on that income.  This is true regardless of the type of income, whether it comes from employment, self-employment, independent contracting or elsewhere.  This is also true whether you are legally present in the U.S. or not.  If you do not have employment… Read More »

Pagar Impuesto A Pesar de su Estado Inmigratorio

Si usted gana dinero en los Estados Unidos,  usualmente debe pagar los impuestos de esas ganancias. Esto es cierto a pesar de que tipo de ganancias, sea por empleo, empleo propio, contratista independiente o de otra manera. Esto también es correcto si esta en el país legalmente o no. Si no tiene autorización de empleo,… Read More »

Family-Based Immigration, Part 2: Petitioning For Family Members

Many people who are United States Citizens (USC’s) or Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR’s) have family members in other countries.  Often times, they would like those family members to join them legally in the United States.  This type of family-based immigration is possible.  However, as described below, the waiting time can be either short or long,… Read More »

Family-Based Immigration, Part 1: Marriage to a United States Citizen

One of the most common ways people legally immigrate to the United States is through family connections.  As with most subjects in immigration law, family-based immigration is complicated.  Different rules apply depending on the type of family relationship involved and the age of the person who wishes to immigrate.  Additionally, even if a person fits… Read More »

Navigating the Waiver Process

As immigration attorney and his team, we get many questions from couples where one is a United States citizen and the other is not.  Usually, these couples think that all it takes is marriage to a United States citizen to fix all immigration problems.  Unfortunately, there are many cases where marriage is just the first… Read More »

Featured Country of the Month (October 2011): Guatemala

The Republic of Guatemala is located in Central America. Its neighbors are Mexico to the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador to the east. It is the most populous country in Central America. Its capital, Guatemala City, is home to 2.5 million Guatemalans. Guatemala won its independence in 1821 after almost three… Read More »

¿Qué es un I-94, y porqué es importante?

Si usted vino a los Estados Unidos con una visa, usted probablemente está muy enterado de cuando expira su visa. Después de todo, obtener su visa fue un proceso difícil, probablemente implicando papeleos muy largos y una entrevista en una embajada o un consulado extranjero. Si su visa fue expedida por un período prolongado de… Read More »

What is an I-94, and Why is it Important?

If you came to the United States with a visa, you are probably very aware of when your visa expires.  After all, obtaining your visa was a difficult process, probably involving lengthy paperwork and an interview at an embassy or consulate overseas.  If your visa was issued for an extended length of time (in some… Read More »

Recognizing and Combating Human Trafficking

Immigrants, particularly those who do not have legal authorization, are vulnerable to many different abuses at the hands of unscrupulous people. Of all the issues facing immigrants, human trafficking is one of the most dangerous. Victims of human trafficking suffer abuse, exploitation, and degradation. Often, the conditions under which these victims live are a modern-day… Read More »

Ley Anti Inmigratoria de Alabama: En que pies estamos parados

El futuro de la ley anti inmigratoria de Alabama ya se esta aclarando y los resultados no son buenos. El 28 de septiembre, 2011, la juez Sharon Blackburn declaro su más recién decisión en lo que concierne el destino de la ley HB56. Aunque la juez Sharon Blackburn pospuso ciertas partes de la ley, otras… Read More »

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