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Immigration Attorney for Business Visas in Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, and Pensacola, Florida

Helping local employers and foreign entrepreneurs fuel the U.S. economy

At Southern Star Immigration, we understand the complexities of running a business. As small-business owners ourselves, we know how hard it can be to recruit, manage and retain quality employees and provide excellent customer service in a competitive environment. Our dedicated attorney and his team offer assistance to U.S. businesses attempting to recruit talent abroad, and to international entrepreneurs able to invest significant capital in the United States to spur our economy and create jobs. We provide an array of valuable legal services for companies and individuals who need assistance with business visa issues, including:

  • Specialty Occupation (H-1B)
  • Temporary Service or Labor (H-2A and H-2B)
  • International Transfer (L-1)
  • Treaty Trader and Business Development (E-1 and E-2)
  • PERM
  • Employment Creation (EB-5)

Our focus on immigration law helps you focus on your business

Business visa law is complex and detailed.  Our focus on this area of practice lets you focus on growing your business rather than fighting red tape.

  • H-1B: Companies use H-1B "Specialty Occupation" visas to hire professionals for professional positions they are unable to fill with U.S. workers. We assist our clients in complying with USCIS regulations, including advertising and posting the position, documenting and justifying the specialty nature of the position, determining the job description and required wage, and preparing and submitting the labor condition application (LCA) and USCIS petition.
  • H-2A/H-2B: Businesses that need non-professional workers on a seasonal or temporary basis can use Temporary Service or Labor visas. H-2A and H-2B visas last no longer than a year, although they can be renewable. Employers who demonstrate the need to fill multiple positions may petition for more than one employee at a time. Our business visa attorney and his team help clients with applications for H-2A and H-2B employees, including proving the employer's need, the attempts to fill the need with U.S. workers, the prevailing wage and skills and education required, and the nature of the position itself.
  • L-1: A company can use an "International Transfer" business visa to transfer an employee from overseas to a position in the United States. The position must be managerial/executive (L-1A) or require specialized knowledge (L-1B). Our attorney and his team help clients qualify the previous employment, the nature of the new position and the admissibility of the employee.
  • E-1/E-2: Nationals of countries that have treaties with the United States can use Treaty Trader (E-1) or Business Development (E-2) if they invest in and actively manage a business in the United States. While neither visa leads to permanent residency, the individual can renew an E visa multiple times, as long as the business activity continues. Our attorney and his team help E visa clients develop appropriate business plans, locate community resources (e.g., funding sources and accounting providers), and prepare and submit applications within the United States and abroad.
  • PERM: Businesses may find a potential employee who is either overseas or already in the United States on a valid nonimmigrant visa but wants to live in the United States permanently. Our business visa attorney and his team represent businesses in navigating the complex PERM requirements for recruiting, advertising, posting and justifying the position to USCIS.
  • EB-5: "Employment Creation" visas are available to individuals who can invest a substantial sum (at least $500,000) in a U.S. commercial enterprise to create or preserve a specified number of jobs. This level of investment allows the investor and his or her immediate family to receive LPR ("green card") status that is conditional for two years.  The green card becomes permanent when the investor proves that he or she has met the requirements of the program. Our attorney and his team represent clients through every step of this process, including identifying appropriate investments, preparing and filing immigrant visa petitions, and requesting removal of conditions.

Contact skilled immigration attorney and his team focused on your business success

Southern Star Immigration assists employers, professionals and investors who can benefit from business immigration visas. For all your immigration law needs, call us at 855-692-4649 or contact our office online.