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Immigration Attorney for Work Visas & Work Permits in Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, and Pensacola, Florida

Help for nonimmigrants hoping to work temporarily in the United States

Each year, thousands of foreign nationals apply to come to the United States to work on a temporary basis. The application process can be very confusing, since different occupations have different requirements. In addition to the business visas discussed below, temporary work visas include:

  • E-3 Certain Specialty Occupation Professionals from Australia — A special category of visa reserved for Australian citizens with specialized training to come to the United States and work for up to two years
  • H-1C Registered Nurse — Allows qualified foreign nurses to come to the United States to work temporarily in designated health professional shortage areas
  • H-2A Agricultural Workers — Allows farm workers to enter the United States for seasonal work
  • H-2B Non-Agricultural Workers - Allows companies to petition to be allowed to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis where there are not enough U.S. workers in a particular industry because of a one-time need, seasonal occurrence, peak-load need or intermittent need
  • H-3 Nonimmigrant Trainee — permits foreign nationals to come to the United States for specialized job training not available in their country of origin
  • I Representatives of Foreign Media — For members of the foreign press covering news in the United States
  • O-1 Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement — For workers in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, or those who have a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry and have been recognized nationally or internationally for those achievements
  • P-1A Internationally Recognized Athlete — Allows participation in a specific athletic competition or season
  • P-1B Member of Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group — Permits entertainers affiliated with outstanding groups for a minimum of one year to enter the United States for the purpose of performing
  • P-2 Performer or Group Performing under Reciprocal Exchange Program — Allows artists who qualify through a program of exchange between their home country and the United States to enter to perform for one year, with the possibility of extending the program for an additional year
  • P-3 Artist or Entertainer Part of a Culturally Unique Program — Allows entry to artists to perform, teach or coach individually or as part of a group for one year, with one-year extensions possible to complete the program
  • Q Cultural Exchange — For artists working to share the history, culture and traditions of their home country with the people of the United States
  • R-1 Temporary Religious Workers — Allows foreign nationals to work at least part time as ministers or in other religious vocations for a nonprofit religious organization or an organization affiliated with a recognized religious denomination
  • TN NAFTA Professionals — Permits Mexican and Canadian nationals to enter the United States to engage in business activities on a professional level

How can temporary workers extend their stay in the United States?

It is often possible for a temporary worker to extend a visa, and Southern Star Immigration can guide you through the process:

  • Complete the necessary formseither online or on paper
  • Fill out an application stating your reason for the extension
  • Present proof of financial support during your extended stay
  • Show copies of your return tickets for temporary stay
  • Pay the $290 extension fee
  • Include a copy of your I-94 document

Our immigration lawyers can help you with your work visa

Southern Star Immigration assists employers and workers who can benefit from temporary work visas. If you need a nonimmigrant work visa or want to extend your stay in the United States, call our attorney and his team at 855-692-4649 or contact our office online.